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Cohiba Ideales now available

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Cohiba Ideales now available

The Cohiba Ideales is now on sale in the UK, exclusively through the network of Las Casas del Habano.

This rare cigar is the latest release from the Colección Habanos series, often referred to as ‘the book series’ due to the design of the boîte nature boxes, and was originally intended as a 2021 release.

3,000 boxes, each containing 20 cigars, have been made for the world market and the size is entirely unique within the Habanos portfolio. It is known as a ‘Modernas’ and measures 6 ⅞” (175mm) x 56 ring gauge.

It is also dressed with a second band commemorating Cohiba’s 55th anniversary and a further third band, on the foot, highlighting the cigar’s inclusion in the Colección Habanos series.

The Colección Habanos was first seen in 2001 with the introduction of the Cuaba Salomones and since then there has been a new release nearly every year, drawing on a rotation of ten Habanos brands, including the five global brands.

In 2011, to celebrate the Colección Habanos’s decennial, a collection of cigars made by all the brands previously used was assembled. This collection is known as the Obras Completas (Complete Works).  In 2012, the cycle of brands began again with the Cuaba Bariay.

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