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Founded in 1790, we are the UK’s leading independent cigar importer.

Widely regarded as the finest in the world, Cuban cigars, or ‘Havanas’ as they are commonly known, have been our core business since the 1820s. In 1935, we helped design and launch Montecristo, now the world’s best selling Havana brand. In 1990, our links with Cuba were strengthened when we were appointed as the UK’s Exclusive Distributor for all Havana brands by Habanos S.A. (the Havana-based company responsible for distributing Cuban tobacco products worldwide). We also export Havana cigars to our agents in the Republic of Ireland, Gibraltar and the Channel Islands.

VegaFina from the Dominican Republic as well as our own-label brand La Invicta, which uses the best tobacco from Nicaragua and Honduras, also form part of our extensive handmade portfolio. Our popular machine-made cigars include Villiger from Switzerland, La Invicta Shorts and Miniatures from Nicaragua, Guantanamera, Cuban Minis and Cigarillos from Cuba.

Regardless of origin or production techniques, quality remains at the heart of our commitment to these prestigious brands. All our cigars are subject to rigorous quality checks and stored at optimum humidity and temperature levels to maintain their perfect smoking condition.

The Havana cigars we import are identifiable either by the EMS stamp, applied to all boxes and packs destined for the UK domestic market or the H&F stamp on cigars intended for UK travel retail outlets and our export markets.

We are a business to business company and have no retail outlets.

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