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Mitchell’s Wines, Sheffield opens new Habanos humidor

Mitchell’s Wines, Sheffield opens new Habanos humidor

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The new Habanos humidor at Mitchell’s Wines in Sheffield has been completed and is now open.

Visitors are able to walk completely around the humidor to view all the perfectly kept Havanas inside. The Habanos are arranged in strength and brand order to help newcomers find their way around. The choice of cigars on offer includes a comprehensive range of Habanos brands, and sizes, including rare and even discontinued cigars.

This has all been the vision of the husband-and-wife team who run the business, James and Frankie Mellor;

“Mitchell’s Wines is an independent, family ran business that has been established in Sheffield as a wine merchant since the 1960’s,” comments Frankie, whose father John Mitchell originally started the business. “Over the many years that we have been in business, we have adapted to the requirements of our customers, and we have been a stockist of Habanos cigars for many years now. This side of the business has gone from being a nice add-on to now being a significant part of the company’s business. The new humidor is a natural progression for us and is needed to ensure that we can meet the demands of our customers for now and the future.”

“We have worked closely with Hunters & Frankau over the years, and they have been incredibly supportive” commented James who runs the day-to-day cigar operation. “The humidor is a significant investment for us but is what we need to ensure the cigar side of Mitchell’s Wines continues to go from strength to strength. We offer cigars from many different countries now, but Habanos cigars remain the most important for us hence why we now have our purpose-built humidor to showcase them in.”

“We took many months to plan the humidor to ensure that it worked the way we wanted it to. Customers can walk completely around it and take their time to make their selection. We are always on hand to offer advice, but we want customers to be able to shop without any pressure and view all our Cuban cigars in one place,” adds James. “We have also put significant investment into our website, which we will re-launch soon. Cigars will obviously play an important part on this platform too, but we want customers to come into our shop, speak with our staff and see what they are buying. We feel that this is important, especially when selecting a Habanos cigar.”

Mitchell’s Wines is located at 354a Meadowhead, Sheffield and is open 7 days a week.


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