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Hunters & Frankau release second Aged & Rare collection

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Hunters & Frankau release second Aged & Rare collection

Aged & Rare

Hunters & Frankau has released the second collection of Aged & Rare Havanas and the cigars are now available exclusively in the UK.

First introduced in 2019, the Aged & Rare collection is part of the wider Hunters & Frankau House Reserve concept that showcases some of the finest aged cigars found anywhere in the world.

Aged & Rare collections have all been matured for a minimum of ten years in the company’s climate controlled warehouse and have been judged as fully matured.

These exceptionally rare cigars reveal how, as with the finest wines from Bordeaux, age can have a magical, transformative effect on taste, strength and aroma.

They are now destined for the humidors and keeps of the finest cigar shops and terraces in the UK.

As with the first collection in 2019, these cigars are extremely limited in quantity.


Aged & Rare

Every box of Aged & Rare is marked with a 10+, 15+ or 20+ to indicate the number of years since they were rolled, boxed and dispatched from the factories of Cuba.

However, it is not only their age that makes these cigars especially rare.

Some of the releases have additional noteworthy features. These can be separated into three categories:


First Releases

These are boxes of cigars that arrived in the UK during the year they were launched by Habanos S.A. that were then laid down for ageing. They are known as First Releases and are particularly sought after amongst collectors.


Discontinued Lines

Cigars that are no longer being rolled in Cuba are known as Discontinued Lines. Often once very popular cigars that have now, for any number of reasons, ceased to be made. These cigars attract additional attention due to the scarcity value.


Limited Editions, Regional Editions, Reservas & Gran Reservas

These were limited production cigars at the time of release and so rarity is an integral part of their initial concept. Some of the House Reserve releases within this category will not have been seen in many shops for a number of years. Also, all but the UK Regional Editions were made using specially aged tobaccos, adding to the overall maturity.


Identifying Aged & Rare cigars

Before a box is released from House Reserve every single cigar has been checked by fully-trained Habanos S.A. quality technicians, specially flown in from Cuba for the purpose. Boxes that meet their approval are stamped ‘Revisado’, which means ‘Checked’.

A Release Certificate is also affixed to the outside of every box. This certificate, signed by our Warehouse Manager, confirms the date of manufacture in Cuba, the date of release from House Reserve, and the rarity categories that apply to its contents.

Each box carries an EMS stamp showing the year in which it was released from House Reserve. However, if during its time in our care the box was cleared from Bond sometime earlier, it will also carry the EMS stamp from the year in which that event took place.

Finally, each individual cigar is dressed with a footband confirming that it is part of the Aged & Rare collection.


2021 Aged & Rare releases

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