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Heaven scent

A new scented candle inspired by the burning embers of cigars and the haze of smoke-filled rooms has been introduced in the UK.

The Smoke candle has been created by Evermore London, a sustainable candle brand, in collaboration with Nicholas Foulkes (Contributing Editor, Financial Times), Tom Chamberlin (Editor-In-Chief, The Rake) and Jemma Freeman (Chairman, Hunters & Frankau).

With patchouli, birch tar and vetiver at its base Smoke is sumptuous and rich. A gentle combination of cardamon, bay and nutmeg lend an aromatic earthy quality, while pine needles and orange blossom lift and enliven providing a means to escape to another time, city, or season.

These unique candles are presented in two sizes:

145g burns for 30 hours.

300g burns for 60 hours.

Both sizes are available now from select UK Havana Cigar Specialists.


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