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Habanos Points the way forward

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Habanos Points the way forward

Hunters & Frankau has updated the way Havana cigar stockists are classified in the UK.

The two main changes are as follows:

  1. The Gold and Silver categories for a Specialist in Havana Cigars no longer apply. Those who meet the new criteria, which includes comprehensive new requirements, will be referred to as a Specialist in Havana Cigars.
  2. A new category called Havana Cigar Point has been introduced.

The Specialist network, spanning the length and breadth of the UK, remains the backbone of the UK cigar business. These changes represent a simplification that will help maintain the exceptional standards associated with UK Havana Cigar Specialists, while also making the concept more universally recognisable.

The Havana Cigar Point concept is already well established globally having been introduced a few years ago by Habanos S.A, the Cuban based company responsible for the sales and marketing Habanos worldwide.  Known as ‘Habanos Points’ outside of the UK, they are a global network of shops recognised by cigar smokers as a destination where a well-balanced range of Havana cigars can be purchased in perfect smoking conditions. You will traditionally find a smaller range compared to a Specialist, but the service and storage will remain of the highest standard.

Both a Specialist and a Havana Cigar Point must meet criteria set by Hunters & Frankau to guarantee that only the finest Havana cigars stored in optimum conditions are presented for sale to cigar enthusiasts. The principles of EMS must also be adhered to by both.

To find your nearest Havana Cigar Specialist or Havana Cigar Point, please visit our Where to Buy & Smoke section.

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