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2020 Habanos new releases

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2020 Habanos new releases

Every February at the Habanos Festival in Havana, cigars planned for release throughout the year are showcased at a series of prestigious events.

Below is a list of all the announced Havana cigars that we have to look forward to in the coming months.

However, a friendly word of caution, when reviewing this list and deciding which ones you want to try first, patience is advised. These cigars currently have no launch dates and, with everything that is currently going on in the world, delay seems unavoidable. Naturally, we will keep you posted as and when more information becomes available.


Romeo y Julieta Línea de Oro

The iconic brand is 145 years old in 2020, and what better way to celebrate than with the introduction of an entirely new línea? The new cigars will have a medium to full flavour, a shade richer than the classic medium bodied Romeo y Julieta taste. Three new vitolas have been confirmed.


Shop name: Dianas

Factory name: Damas

Measurements: 5 ¾” (145 mm) x 52 ring gauge

Presentation: Lacquered box containing 20 cigars


Shop name: Hidalgos

Factory name: Hidalgos

Measurements: 5” (125mm) x 57 ring gauge

Presentation: Lacquered box containing 20 cigars


Shop name: Nobles

Factory name: Triangulares

Measurements: 5 1/3” (135mm) x 56 ring gauge

Presentation: Lacquered box containing 20 cigars


Limited Edition

Limited Editions are made by the most celebrated brands in Havana, in rare sizes, using dark coloured wrapper leaves and all of the tobacco is aged for a minimum of two years before use.  The production run for each cigar takes place within a limited period, usually during the year for which it is designated.

In 2020 there will be just one Limited Edition, rather than the more usual three.


Brand: Partagás

Market Name: Legado

Factory Name: Hermosos No. 2

Dimensions: 6 ¼” (157mm) x 48 ring gauge

Presentation: A bespoke box containing 25 cigars




This is the first time that Bolívar has been selected to create a Reserva and it is perhaps no surprise that they have chosen their most iconic vitola (size) to do so: The Belicoso Fino.

The Reserva classification signifies that all the tobacco used has been aged in bales for three years before being rolled into cigars. The leaves used for this particular release were all harvested in 2016.

For all Habanos Reservas a total of 100,000 cigars are made for the world market and they are presented in 5,000 numbered lacquered boxes each containing 20 cigars.


Brand: Bolívar

Shop name: Belicosos Finos

Factory name: Campanas

Measurements: 5 ½” (140mm)  x 52 ring gauge

Presentation: Numbered lacquered boxes of 20 cigars



Casa Exclusive Line

The Juan López Selección Especial has been launched to commemorate 150 years of the brand and also 30 years of La Casa del Habano, the global franchise of Havana cigar shops licenced by Haban0s sa. It will available exclusively through La Casa del Habanos outlets.


Brand: Juan López

Shop name: Selección Especial

Factory name: Fortunas

Measurements: 6 ¾” (170mm) x 52 ring gauge

Presentation: Bespoke box containing 25 cigars



Casa & Specialist line

The Montecristo Herederos has been released as a double celebration. Firstly, to commemorate 85 years of the brand, and also to mark the 30th anniversary of La Casa del Habano.

This cigar will only be available through La Casa del Habanos or Havana Cigar Specialists.


Brand: Montecristo

Shop name: Herederos

Factory name: Cazadores Especiales

Measurements: 6 3/8” (162mm) x 47 ring gauge

Presentation: Bespoke humidor containing 20 cigars



Colección Habanos

The Colección Habanos was introduced in 2001 with the Cuaba Salomónes and since then it has become a rare but much sought after series for collectors. This year Habanos has increased production of these cigars, from 2,000 boxes to 3,000. Each box contains 20 cigars and they are available exclusively through La Casa del Habanos. As with all previous Colección Habanos the latest edition is housed in the famous ’book’ style presentation box. A foot band has also been added to the presentation.


Brand: H. Upmann

Shop name: Super Magnum

Factory name: Radiantes

Measurements: 7 1/8” (180mm) x 56 ring gauge

Presentation: 3,000 numbered ‘book’ style boxes containing 20 cigars



Commemorative Humidor

The world famous Partagás brand is 175 year old this year and in celebration has produced 450 numbered humidors, each containing 50 cigars.

The humidor was developed by the DECUBA Group, Arte en Madera, a group of artists who share a passion for the culture of Havana cigars. It is a completely handcrafted artisan humidor with a solid cedar interior. Bubinga has been used for the exterior.


Brand: Partagás

Shop name: Tropicales

Factory name: Flautas

Measurements: 7” (177mm) x 54 ring gauge

Presentation: Special humidor containing 50 cigars



Chinese New Year

After the hugely popular Romeo y Julieta Maravillas No.8, released in 2019 to celebrate the Chinese Year of the Rat, Hoyo de Monterrey has been selected to produce a cigar for the upcoming Chinese Year of the Ox.


Brand: Hoyo de Monterrey

Shop name: Primaveras

Factory name: Hermosos No.1

Measurements: 6 5/8” (167mm) x 48 ring gauge

Presentation: Red lacquered box containing 18 cigars


We hope that this list provides a small distraction for you and  perhaps even something to look forward to.

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