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Ramón Allones Private Stock 230 now available

Ramón Allones Private Stock 230 now available

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The long awaited and much anticipated Ramón Allones Private Stock 230 is now available across the UK Havana Cigar Specialist network and selected outlets.

This UK Regional Edition was originally intended to mark Hunters & Frankau’s 230th Anniversary in 2020 but has been unavoidably delayed, until now.

It is a rare size, known as a Partagás 16 in the factories of Cuba, and measures 6 ¾” (170mm) x 50.  All 90,000 cigars have been rolled at the Partagás factory in Havana and are presented in 3,600 Cabinet Nature boxes of 25.

The name Private Stock was originally the name of a cigar which previously existed in the Ramón Allones portfolio. Although production was discontinued in the 1970’s H&F archives show that this cigar continued to be available in the UK until 1981.

The black and white band of the Private Stock 230 is a recreation of those used by Ramón Allones during the height of the Private Stock’s popularity. However, this celebratory cigar also bears the size name on it, making it unique.

The Private Stock 230 was seen for the first time, before general release, as part of the Hunters & Frankau House Reserve Series 1790 Collection No.2.

Due to the limited nature of these fine Havanas most retailers do not expect them to last long on the shelves.



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