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Le Rio Seco now in tubes

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Le Rio Seco now in tubes

The Hoyo de Monterrey Le Hoyo de Rio Seco is now available in tubed packs of three cigars.

The Rio Seco was originally introduced in 2018 as the second recent addition to the “Le Hoyo Series”, following the 2015 launch of Le Hoyo de San Juan.

Now the Rio Seco joins the San Juan in being available individually in tubes or in SLB boxes of 25 and 10 cigars.

They also exclusively use Seco and Ligero leaves grown in San Juan y Martinez, a small town in Vuelta Abajo.

Vuelta Abajo is a world-famous tobacco growing zone in Cuba, renowned for providing exceptional quality tobacco to a variety of Habanos brands.  The outstanding Hoyo de Monterrey plantation is located here.

Hoyo de Monterrey’s Le Hoyo series was originally introduced in 1970 and aimed at the Swiss market.

It is generally accepted to be slightly stronger and spicier than the brand’s classic range and was, until these two recent releases, well-known for slender vitolas.


Brand:  Hoyo de Monterrey

Shop name:  Le Hoyo de Río Seco

Factory name:  Aromosos

Dimensions:  5 ½” (140mm) x 56 ring gauge

Presentation:   Cabinet boxes (SLB) of 10 and 25 cigars and tubed packs of 3


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