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La Invicta Shorts now available in packs of 5

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La Invicta Shorts now available in packs of 5

Unlike its larger counterparts, the Short is machine-made and pre-cut for convenience. However the robust yet mellow aromas associated with the brand remains consistent and the cigar can be enjoyed in around 15-20 minutes – when time is “short”.

Presented in packs of 5 with each cigar banded, pre-cut and wrapped in cellophane for protection and freshness, the size and price makes it ideal for newcomers, daytime smokers and time restricted seasoned pros.

Each cigar measures around 4” x 30 ring gauge and provides a brief taste of the finest tobaccos from Nicaragua.

The birth of the La Invicta brand dates back to the turbulent 1940’s in the midst of the Second World War. During this time various trade sanctions and currency restrictions were imposed globally with one being the use of American dollar. This made it difficult to purchase Cuban cigars and so in order to maintain a supply of war time cigars for the UK, La Invicta was created by Hunters & Frankau which used tobacco grown in Jamaica and other regions which were blended specifically for the taste preference of the British smoker.

La Invicta remains today a firm favourite but the cigars no longer hail from Jamaica. Still made using bespoke blend of tobaccos and tailored for the UK smokers’ palate, La Invicta Honduras are made at the Tabacos De Oriente Factory using tobaccos taken from Talanga and Jamastran whilst La Invicta Nicaragua use tobacco from Esteli, Jalapa and Condega and are made at the Plasencia Cigar Factory.

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