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La Invicta Nicaraguan Canon & Tres Petit Corona

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La Invicta Nicaraguan Canon & Tres Petit Corona

La Invicta has added two tubed cigars to its Nicaraguan range – the Canon (5 ⅞” (150mm) x 52 ring gauge) and Tres Petit Corona (4” (102mm) x 42 ring gauge). Both showcase La Invicta’s updated branding and are entirely handmade.

The birth of the La Invicta brand dates back to the 1940’s. At this time, various trade sanctions and currency restrictions were imposed globally due to the Second World War, with one being the use of the American dollar. This made it difficult to purchase Cuban cigars and so to maintain a supply of war time smokes for the UK, La Invicta (translating to “The Undefeated”) was created by cigar importer Hunters & Frankau. Using tobaccos grown in Jamaica and other regions, the cigars were blended specifically for the taste preference of the British smoker at the time.

La Invicta remains a firm favourite today with a  range of Nicaraguan and Honduran cigars to reflect the needs and palate of the modern day smoker.

The Nicaraguan cigars are rolled at the world famous Plasencia Cigar Factory and exclusively use tobacco grown in the Esteli, Jalapa and  Condega areas of the country.


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