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House Reserve Series 1790 Collection No.2

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House Reserve Series 1790 Collection No.2

The Series 1790 is the jewel in the crown of Hunters & Frankau’s House Reserve and consists of themed collections curated from some of the rarest and most sought-after Havana cigars.

The second Hunters & Frankau House Reserve Series 1790 Humidor is now available exclusively in the UK and in extremely limited quantity.

Just fifty numbered pieces have been commissioned from Italian humidor makers, DeART S.r.l.

Each one contains sixty-one Ramon Allones cigars, made in Havana under the authority of Habanos S.A. and every Ramon Allones Limited Edition and UK Regional Edition is included.

This provides seven different cigars spanning a period of sixteen years. There are ten cigars of each size, with the exception of a single Belicoso, the first ever UK Regional Edition to be released in 2005.

They are classified as special productions either due to the ageing of the tobacco used in their manufacturing or because they have been produced exclusively for the UK market.

The cigars carry a foot band to identify each one individually as part of Hunters & Frankau House Reserve Series 1790 Collection humidor.

The inspiration for this second collection is our long-standing shared history with the Ramon Allones brand. A relationship dating back to at least 1911, when John Hunter Morris and Elkan ltd (an antecedent for H&F) purchased the brand and all worldwide rights.

For the first time we are also presenting the as yet unreleased Ramon Allones Private Stock 230, a cigar created especially for Hunters & Frankau’s 230th Anniversary in 2020.

Humidor contents 

Hunters & Frankau House Reserve

Every year since the end of the last century, we have put aside a few boxes of particularly noteworthy Havana cigars. Some succumbed to market demands, but others have remained in our warehouse where they have been allowed to age in perfect conditions of temperature and humidity. Today they comprise an exceptional collection known as Hunters & Frankau’s House Reserve.

Starting in 2019, small quantities of these precious cigars have been released for sale in Britain. They are presented either in their original boxes under the banner of Aged & Rare, or in specially commissioned humidors or boxes as part of the House Reserve Series 1790.

All share two aspects of provenance: first, they were made totally by hand in Cuba under the auspices of Habanos S.A. and second, they have been released from Hunters & Frankau’s House Reserve where they have resided ever since they first arrived in Britain.


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