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Hine brings a little cheer

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Hine brings a little cheer

Hine Cigar Reserve Cognac is now available in mini 5cl bottles.

The diminutive bottle was first seen in the UK at the world launch of the Ramon Allones Allones No.2 in 2020. It was included in launch packs dispatched to all parts of Great Britain, to over 600 guests taking part in the event.

Partly due to the resoundingly positive response from those who enjoyed the party the mini bottle has now been introduced to the UK on a permanent basis.

The 5cl bottle may be new, but Hine Cigar Reserve has been well-known to cigar smokers, as well as several non-smoking cognac connoisseurs, since it’s introduction in 1996.

2021 marks 25 years since the 70cl bottle was launched and was the brain-child of Bernard Hine & Nicholas Freeman, the late Chairman of Hunters & Frankau.

They combined their friendship with lifetimes of knowledge and experience in their fields, to produce a unique Cognac expressly designed to pair with a fine Havana.

Quarter of a century later and this fine XO cognac remains a classic pairing with a Havana cigar and a firm favorite among many smokers, just as it will be in another quarter of a century’s time, and far beyond…


Blended with over 20 eaux de vie coming from the following 4 growths of the Cognac region: Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, Borderies and Fins Bois grapes


Tasting notes:
Rich, rounded and complex with notes of spice, fresh pepper, tobacco. It also includes hints of walnut, honey and lightly toasted flavours. This is an impressive and well balanced cognac crafted to pair with a handmade Havana cigars, but with more than enough subtlety and complexity to be enjoyed on its own.

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