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Cigar Keep website now launched

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Cigar Keep website now launched

Cigar Keep (Cigar-Keep.com) is a new UK based, Havana cigar website aimed at ‘the global community of Cuban cigar smokers’ and it is now officially online.

It is intended to provide a place for Havana cigar smokers around the world to connect with one another.  It aims to “unite everyone under one roof, creating a website that celebrates the joy that cigars bring to smokers, and also helps educate those that want to join in but aren’t sure how.”

The website will allow users to create their own profile and content about cigars. Once signed up, details can be added such as the contents of their humidor, the accessories they have and where they enjoy smoking their cigars. There will also be a rating system so users can review cigars they have recently smoked, or read up on those that they are interested in trying.

Overseen by Chief Content Officer of Cigar Keep and Editor of The Rake magazine, Tom Chamberlin, the site will produce plenty of new content and up-to-date news. It has also invited known personalities in the cigar community (referred to as Ambassadors on the site) to add content, write reviews and provide the latest news. As Tom said recently to H&F:

I am delighted that Cigar Keep has finally launched. It is a passion project for all involved, and our love cigars has had us join a community of the most generous, interesting and enthusiastic collectors and partakers on the planet. Cigar smokers are sociable by default, and we felt that it was about time to really cater to that desire for togetherness and build Cigar Keep so smokers from all over the world can connect and even trade what they have at home in a way that hitherto had not been provisioned.

Cigar Keep is a most welcome addition to the world of the Havana cigars, congratulations to Tom and the team.


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