English Market Selection

Where to Buy & Smoke Back

Monday – Tuesday: 10am – 6pm
Wednesday - Friday: 11am – 7pm
Saturday: 10am – 6pm
Sunday: Closed

Daniel and Viktoria assure customers a warm welcome and helpful advice

Staff trained at Hunters and Frankau Cigar School

Excellent range of Hunters and Frankau cigars always available including in our walk in humidor:

  • Singles
  • Small packs
  • Boxes and cabinets
  • Limited edition jars
  • UK regional and limited edition Havanas

Comprehensive range of Humidors, Lighters, smokers accessories, single malt whisky, pipes and pipe tobaccos  available

Client lockers available

Comfortable indoor sampling area available

Owned by the Orchant Family- C.Gars Ltd have a passion for English Market Selection Havana cigars and the best in traditional customer service.

Sampling Room

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