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2 Central Walk Way
Bury Saint Edmunds
IP33 1BS

Lorfords is a long-established tobacconist situated in Bury St Edmunds, a thriving market town in the heart of rural East Anglia. Although the history of the shop is not well-recorded it is known that the shop has traded in the town since at least 1920s, and from its current location since the street block was re-developed in the 60s.

The store is notable for having a walk-in cigar humidor - one of the few tobacconists outside a major city to have one - where a large and varied selection of Cuban cigars are expertly stored in carefully controlled conditions. Lorfords also carries a strong range of pipe tobaccos and many pre-packaged favourites, perhaps totalling a hundred or so different lines in all. As you would expect there is also the typical selection of snuffs, twists and other specialist tobacco products, alongside a more-or-less complete range of all the cigarettes and hand-rolling tobaccos available on the UK market.

The shop displays a fair range of pipes and lighters, ranging from the lower end of the price scale right up to the Petersons, Dunhills and S.T. Duponts, and has an especially good selection of cabinet humidors for sale. Smokers will also find all their other requisities such as filters, pipe cleaners, cigar cutters etc. amply available.

On a mezzanine level, upstairs from the tobacconist, Lorfords also run the "Games Gallery" stocking a fine range of traditional games - there you will find, amongst other things, beautiful examples of chess and backgammon in Italian hardwoods, poker requisites, unusual board games and many other little gems.

Lorfords is not purely a specialist and you will find it very busy, especially on town market days (Wednesdays and Saturdays), buzzing with local people collecting their daily paper or National Lottery 'lucky dip' ticket. For specialist products customers come also from much further afield, the more so since the closure of tobacconists in nearby Cambridge, Ely and Norwich over the last few years. The shop does incidentally offer a mail order service for regular customers.


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