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Sautter’s Cigar Day – 19th March

Date: 19th March
Time: 9:00am
Contact: 00 44 (0) 20 7499 4866 Email Get Directions

Sautter’s are running a Saturday Cigar Training for beginners and cigar smokers who are interested in learning more about cigars.

The training will show you how tobacco is grown and matured, the process of making, maturing and storing cigars and finally how to enjoy a fine cigar.

The day includes;

  • Coffee/tea and pastries for breakfast
  • A Cuban mini cigar for the morning session
  • A number of Cuban cigars to allow you to continue your education
  • Sautter cigar cutter and lighter
  • Cigar portfolio book
  • Sautter cigar notes on the Havana cigar brands
  • The Sautter’s Cigar Training ‘Homework’ a suggested list of cigars to help you continue your education.

Subjects covered in the training include

  • Introduction to cigars
  • History of Cuba and the Cuban cigar industry
  • History of the UK cigar trade
  • Development of cigar sizes
  • An overview of tobacco growing & maturing
  • Cigar manufacture
  • EMS
  • Quality of aged Cuban cigars
  • Cigar aging
  • How to look after cigars
  • The correct way to keep cigars
  • How to cut cigars
  • Lighting a cigar
  • Band on or band off?
  • Ash

– Training ends at 12.30pm (approximately)

Sautter’s will also be delighted to arrange private training for groups of at least six.

Sautter’s Cigar Day – 19th March

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