English Market Selection


EMS stands for English Market Selection, a description used in Cuba for over a century to identify the quality of cigars designated for the British market. It is the cornerstone of the UK’s long established reputation as the world centre for the finest Havana cigars.


Read About La Flor de Cano

La Flor de Cano is a brand that was born in Havana during the first half of the 20th century. It all began in 1932 when Juan Cano Sainz and his wife Consuela decided to hire the services of a cigar roller to make cigars, literally, on their kitchen table.
With the help of close relatives, Juan and Consuela’s business grew into a sound family company and in 1936 they registered the brand in Spain, which went on to become their largest export market.
In 1939 their young son, Ernesto, joined the business and, after he had obtained a degree from Havana University in 1947, he became an equal partner in the company, which was re-named J. Cano E Hijo.
In the early 1950s, the company invested in machines to make many of their cigars and then in the 1960’s the family moved to the United States where Ernesto pursued a successful career in the cigar industry.
In Cuba, La Flor de Cano cigars continued in production and, aside from a brief period (1988-1992) when a small range of hand-made sizes were produced, the emphasis was on machine made sizes. More recently this also included short filler, handmade sizes.
Today, although the brand has been selected on several occasions to produce a Regional Edition for various markets (including the UK), all La Flor de Cano are Tripa Corta. Totalmente a Mano – short filler, totally handmade – Havanas composed of Vuelta Abajo and Semi Vuelta leaf.

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