English Market Selection


EMS stands for English Market Selection, a description used in Cuba for over a century to identify the quality of cigars designated for the British market. It is the cornerstone of the UK’s long established reputation as the world centre for the finest Havana cigars.


UK Havana Cigar Portfolio



  • Flavour: Full
  • Vitola: Prominente
  • Ring gauge: 49
  • Length: 7 ⅝ Inches / 194mm
  • An exceptional Double Corona with all the depth of flavour that Ramon Allones always promises. Its full potential is revealed steadily during the hour or more it takes to smoke.
Allones No.3

Allones No.3

  • Flavour: Full
  • Vitola: Nobleza
  • Ring gauge: 52
  • Length: 5 ⅝ Inches / 138mm
  • This substantial vitola is the first new addition to Ramon Allones portfolio in well over 40 years. Close in size to the Montecristo Edmundo, being just 3mm shorter, it has quickly become a firm favourite among fans of the brand's venerated robusto size, the Specially Selected. Ideally enjoyed after an evening meal.
Specially Selected

Specially Selected

  • Flavour: Full
  • Vitola: Robusto
  • Ring gauge: 50
  • Length: 4 ⅞ Inches / 124mm
  • One of the great traditional Robustos favoured by seasoned smokers. Rich in taste, spicy in aroma. Also available in Cabinet Selection bundles of 50.
Small Club Corona

Small Club Corona

  • Flavour: Full
  • Vitola: Minuto
  • Ring gauge: 42
  • Length: 4 ⅜ Inches / 110mm
  • A substantial small cigar that delivers much more flavour and aroma than its diminutive dimensions might suggest.
Read About Ramón Allones

Ramón Allones is one of the big names in the history of Havanas. Founded in 1837, it is also one of the oldest brands still in production.

A Galician by birth Ramón Allones was the first cigar manufacturer to pack his cigars in boxes decorated with labels and stamped with his brand’s emblem. He was the pioneer of the packaging tradition that we know today.

Hunters & Frankau owned the Ramón Allones factory in Havana and the world wide rights between 1911 and 1927 so we are particularly pleased to include it here as part of our UK portfolio.

All the cigars are filled with a blend of filler and binder tobaccos from the Vuelta Abajo zone, characterised by their intense and complex taste.

The whole range is composed of ‘tripa larga, totalmente a mano’ – long filler, totally handmade cigars.

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