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Masters of Havana Cigars

Masters of Havana Cigars

The Higher Certificate, developed by Hunters & Frankau, represents the most extensive & prestigious qualification within the UK Habanos market.

Halil Osman



Bourdon House
2 Davies Street

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0203 425 7300 halil.osman@dunhill.com www.dunhill.com

Passed: 14th November 2014

Master of Havana Cigars : Halil Osman

What do you enjoy most about working with cigars?

I love working with cigars as the type of people you can meet through a cigar are incredible. In no other trade you can socialise and build relationship as like over a cigar.

What first interested you in cigars?

I was first interested in cigars through a friend and the whole socialising aspect of it. I also grew up with cigars. My father smoked and he appreciated good cigars with a good flavour.

Do you remember your first cigar?

My first cigar was a mild, delicate El Rey Del Mundo Choix Supreme.

What is the best piece of advice you have for someone just starting to smoke cigars?

My personal advice for someone starting of is to have a mild cigar. I would also suggest trying a couple of the same cigar to get a good indication of its taste. People's pallets are very personal and the beauty of this product is trial and error, matching up each cigar to your taste.

What are your favourite three cigars?

My favourite three cigars are: H Upmann Robusto (Limited Edition 2012), this is great tasting with the dark maduro wrapper. I really enjoy Rafael Gonzalez petit corona as a milder option that smokes well in the morning. The other cigar that I enjoy a lot is the Montecristo Edmundo.

Has becoming a Master in Havana Cigars helped you in your profession?

I think the Higher Certificate has given me more confidence in talking about the product in a lot of detail and depth. I also feel great that being in the trade for 11 years I continue to develop my skills and have a qualification to recognise my knowledge.

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*There are also a number of Masters of Havana Cigars working in private members clubs that are not listed here.

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