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Window Shopping at Davidoff of London

Three weeks ago as a late night reveller weaved his way down St James’s Street and past the iconic Davidoff of London store he suddenly decided to swing an object (most likely a bottle) at the large plate glass shop front.

The resulting crack in the window was patched up quickly enough the next day, but replacing a 5 meter by 3 meter pane of glass proved more problematic. Sourcing a suitable piece of glass and organising delivery took three weeks. The resulting replacement operation required a team of 15 people and took the better part of a day to complete. The final task that requires their attention is to organise a sign writer to apply the genuine gold leaf ‘Davidoff’ sign onto the new window.

Once the original pane had been cut out in sections and taken away there was a three hour wait until they returned with the replacement. Without a front window the store temporarily became, in the words of Eddie Sahakian of Davidoff “the freshest spot in London where one could enjoy a cigar”.

Once the task has been completed and the magnificent window display had been placed back where it belongs it was time to enjoy a well deserved cigar. “I had a Montecristo Especial No. 2 from 2001 and finally relaxed” Said Eddie Sahakain, laughing at one of the more unusual events to have occurred while running this elegant and well-loved store in the heart of St James’s Street.

Davidoff London is located at:

35 St. James’s Street
St. James’s
Tel: 020 7930 1361

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