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UK Tobacco display ban

UK Tobacco display ban

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The Tobacco Display Ban finally came into full effect in the UK on April 6th 2015. The legislation, already implemented for the previous three years in large shops such as supermarkets, now prevents tobacco products from being displayed openly in all outlets.

There are also new laws pertaining to point of sale advertising including the display of pricing. As you can imagine these changes in the law have altered the appearance of your local cigar supplier.

Specialist Tobacconists enjoy some exemptions from the new laws and can continue to display tobacco products and prices inside their shops.  However these displays must not be visible from outside their premises.

If you would like to read more about this legislation, please click here.

It is worth remembering that cigars can still legally be bought and sold in the same places as before, be they shops, kiosks, bars, restaurants or clubs.

We trust that you are still able to find the cigars you want without too much difficulty.  To aid your search, please see below some examples what the familiar humidors and cabinets now look like.

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