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The Future of Trinidad

The Future of Trinidad

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There is a rumour currently circulating amongst the cigar community that the Trinidad brand is to be discontinued. Hunters & Frankau would like to clarify the position.

Trinidad currently has five vitolas (sizes) in its portfolio: Fundadores (7 ½” x 40 ring gauge), Robusto Extra (6 1/8” x 50 ring gauge), Robusto ‘T’ (4 7/8” x 50 ring gauge), Coloniales (5 ¼” x 44 ring gauge) and Reyes (4 3/8” x 40 ring gauge).

While it is true that Habanos SA has announced that the Robusto Extra and Robusto ‘T’ have been discontinued, both are to be replaced by new vitolas in the near future. The exact date of these two new releases, and the format they will take, are yet to be confirmed.  What is clear is that, far from downgrading the brand, these decisions have been made in order to continue the development of the, relatively young, Trinidad brand and to increase its standing among cigar smokers the world over.

Within the Habanos S.A brand structure Trinidad will continue to be positioned as one of the most prestigious brands, ranked just behind Cohiba, the standard bearer for Cuban cigars.

Suffice to say that Hunters & Frankau has good stock of the full Trinidad range including both discontinued sizes. We shall let you know as soon as there are any further announcements regarding the new releases.

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