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Smoking in The Big Smoke

Smoking in The Big Smoke

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I’m writing this smoking a cigar at home in my dedicated cigar lounge. One of the few places I can smoke without someone wincing or voicing disapproval.

Since the anti-smoking laws come into effect in the UK, cigar smokers have had a rough time. Cigar smoking can be a very social event, and many of us appreciate the companionship of other Brothers Of The Leaf (BOTL) – a term used frequently on my cigar forum UKCF (www.ukcigarforums.com).

However, as can be seen in the herf (a term for a ‘cigar-meet’) section of the forum, cigar smokers are arranging more and more social cigar events as the number of cigar-friendly venues increases since the original smoking ban.

A plethora of sites are cropping up across the country, from your local Hotel du Vin, to dedicated cigar terraces at hotels and restaurants across London.

A few favourite cigar-terraces of mine, and other UKCF members, include Boisdales of Belgravia near Victoria station, 10 Manchester Street Hotel situated off of Baker Street, and the newly opened cigar terrace of Montague on the Gardens Hotel near Russell Square. Each terrace has an ample amount of room, great service, selection of cigars, and most importantly – heating!

There’s also a small cigar-sampling lounge in Soho and JJ Fox provides a similar function in an upstairs seated area above the famous London tobacconist and shop.

Of course this site, www.Cigars.co.uk, has the dedicated section outlining Comfortable Outside Seating Areas (COSAs) for cigar smoking and potential for arranged herfs, which you can view.

As you can see, there’s no reason to smoke alone – there’s a variety of well-regarded and recommended meeting places specifically for the cigar smoker, with well-stocked humidors, and surroundings perfectly suited for the aficionado in you.

Having introduced you to several cigar-related terms, several COSAs, and my cigar forum, I hope you consider visiting, or arranging a cigar event, at one of the many up-and-coming venues cropping up in the UK, for an idea of what’s going on right now, take a quick glance at the events section of this site.

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