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Punch Serie D’Oro No.1 Limited Edition Humidor Now Available

Following the introduction of the Punch Serie D’Oro No.1 as a UK Regional Edition in 2008, Habanos S.A. has authorised a second release of five thousand cigars to be presented in one hundred numbered humidors containing fifty cigars.

Brand: Punch
Retail Name: Serie D’Oro No.1
Factory name: Pirámides
Flavour category: Medium
Dimensions: 6 1/8” (156mm) x 52 ring gauge

The second release of the Serie D’Oro No.1 was manufactured at Havana’s La Corona factory in March and April 2010 and are now available from Specialist Tobacconists across the U.K. To find your nearest Specialist in Habanos, visit our ‘Where to Buy’ section.

About the brand

Punch was first registered as a cigar brand in Cuba in 1840 by a German named Stockmann, making it one of the very oldest Cuban cigar brands still in current production.

It is often claimed that the brand was named after the humorous British magazine called Punch, but since the title was not published until July 1841, this is unlikely. Nevertheless Punch, the magazine, became a British institution for over a hundred and fifty years, which no doubt assisted Punch, the cigar, to become the firm favourite that it has been with British smokers for even longer.

In 1884 the brand was purchased by Manuel Lopez, the man who oversaw its rise to global fame and whose name is still commemorated on the Punch emblem.

Lopez died in 1925 and the brand was bought by a young man named Fernando Palicio with help from the British importer Melbourne Hart & Co., which lent him £30,000 to fund the deal. In return for the loan, which Palicio repaid within five years, Melbourne Hart was granted the distribution rights for Punch in the UK and throughout the British Empire. A few years later Palicio and Melbourne Hart also bought Hoyo de Monterrey and, from 1931, production of both brands was amalgamated into one factory.

Since the Cuban revolution both Punch and Hoyo have remained under one roof at La Corona, the factory that is now situated in Havana’s Avenida 20 de Mayo.

The Punch brand accounted for around 8% in 2009 of all Habanos sales within the UK duty paid market.

About Regional Editions

For the last six years, the companies that distribute Habanos in different territories around the world have been invited by Habanos S.A. to bid for the chance to develop their own special sizes in the less well-known Habanos brands, which will be made in limited quantities for sale only in their own markets. They are known as Regional Editions.

In 2005 Hunters & Frankau helped to pioneer the project with the Ramon Allones Belicoso Fino. However the Regional Edition concept has since been refined by the addition of numbers on all the boxes and a second band to identify the region for which the cigar has been made. In 2007 H&F was granted the Por Larrañaga Magnifico for which a special century-old cigar band was recreated.

For 2008 Hunters & Frankau was awarded two cigars. One was the Gloria Cubana Glorioso for which not only was a special vintage band re-created, but also an antique box label to be placed inside the lid. The other was the Punch Serie d’Oro No.1 (Gold Series No.1), which came in a style of box that had not been seen for over forty years.

The two 2009 UK Regional Editions were the Juan Lopez Seleccion Suprema, which had a special band made for it, and the Rey del Mundo Choix de L’Epoque, a short, stubby size that is ideal when the time available to enjoy a cigar is limited.

2010 has seen the release of the Por Larrañaga Regalìas de Londres with Flor de Cano Short Robusto expected by the end of the year.

About the cigar

Punch is classified as medium flavour within the categories set out by Habanos S.A., making this cigar unique among the Pirámides-sized cigars offered by Habanos S.A., which are: the Partagas Serie P No. 2 (Full); the Montecristo No. 2, the Diplomaticos No. 2, the Vegas Robaina Unicos, the Cuaba Pirámides LE 2008 and the Cohiba Pirámides LE 2006 (Medium to Full); and the H. Upmann No. 2 (Light to Medium).

The classic ‘woody’ Punch taste is showcased particularly well by the heavy gauge and tapered end of this Pirámides. This creates the ideal format to reveal some of the more robust aspects of the brand that are often overlooked.

The original batch of 2008 Punch Serie D’Oro No.1 have been selected for a tutored tasting with a selection of Christmas Clarets, to be held on the cigar terrace at Boisdale on Monday 6th December. For more information on this event and see how to pre-book a ticket please click here.

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