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Popular Punch Tubes Go Green

Punch Coronations and Petit Coronations, long recognised by their silver coloured aluminium tubes over-printed in blue, are now being shipped to UK shops in the brand’s new green livery.

Punch first introduced tubed cigars in the late 1930s in response to H. Upmann’s successful innovation with this style of packaging a few years earlier. Back then tubes could only be printed in a single colour, so each brand choose a separate one to identify its cigars.

Most brands’ designs have remained more or less unchanged for the last seventy years, although Punch changed the size names of its tubed cigars in 1953 to mark the Coronation of our present Queen.

Now, as part of Habanos S.A.’s programme to clarify the identity of its brands, each of the leading marques has been given a new style. Punch’s green livery was first seen on the Punch Punch tube introduced in 2009.

The silver tubes will still be found in some shops for a few months to come, which will give collectors of Havana memorabilia a chance to snap them up.

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