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Montecristo OPEN range now available in the UK

The new ‘OPEN’ range from the worlds best selling brand, Montecristo, is now available in all specialists and retailers throughout the UK.

Montecristo is the best-known Habanos brand throughout the world. It also boasts the world’s most popular individual hand-made cigar size: the No. 4, which provides the benchmark taste for most smokers of Habanos.

Habanos S.A., the company that markets Cuban cigars worldwide, is proud to introduce four new Montecristo sizes under the banner: Montecristo Open.

“We have chosen the name OPEN,” explains Manuel Garcia, Habanos S.A.’s Commercial Vice-President, “because we want to open the doors to the new generations of cigar enthusiasts. OPEN widens the choice of vitolas available to present Montecristo fans and welcomes a new generation 21st century smokers, who enjoy the pleasures of outdoor pursuits.”

EAGLE – 5 1/3” or 150 mm x 54 ring gauge. Factory name: Geniales.
Eagle is the biggest cigar of the new OPEN line in length and ring gauge. It is an entirely new size and its ring gauge is the largest ever produced for a standard Habanos size in the parejo or straight-sided format. It is made for those smokers who have a good hour to devote to their Habano in the quest for a complete pleasure.

REGATA – 5 3/8” or 135 mm x 46 ring gauge. Factory name: Forum.
Regata is a figurado or Torpedo shaped cigar. It is another entirely new size not made before in any Habano brand. It follows the tradition of the brand’s most iconic size the Montecristo Nº2 but takes only around half an hour to enjoy.

MASTER – 4 7/8” or 124 mm x 50 ring gauge. Factory name: Robusto.
Amongst the OPEN arrivals is a “Robusto”. At last this popular size is included as a standard size in Montecristo’s range. No longer will it be necessary to hunt down a rare limited edition when you wish to enjoy the 30 to 40 minutes of enjoyment that this size provides in Montecristo’s medium to full flavour.

JUNIOR – 4 3/8” or 110 mm x 38 ring gauge. Factory name: Trabuco.
And last but not least we have “Junior”, a small cigar perfect for lighting up when time is short. This size is produced for only one other Habanos, Hoyo de Monterrey where it is called Le Hoyo du Deputé. Enjoy its delicate flavour for around twenty minutes.

All Montecristo Open sizes are presented in striking, dressed boxes of 20 cigars as opposed to the traditional box of 25 cigars.

They will also be made available in attractive, aluminium tubes presented in packs containing 3 cigars later in the year, or at the start of 2010.

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