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James J Fox opens cigar lounge

James J Fox opens cigar lounge

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James J Fox opened their first floor Sampling Lounge at a party for a few friends, customers and suppliers on 24th September. The evening involved, champagne, wine, canapés, speeches and, of course, fantastic cigars.

The discussion regarding the latest refurbishment has been a long one. However, when one considers that it has been possible to purchase fine tobaccos and accessories from 19 St James’s Street for over 228 years, it is easy to appreciate that the task required a degree of delicacy. An exercise made all the more complicated by reading through the customer responses to an in-house survey, carried out on the planned developments. According to Rob Fox (CEO of James J Fox), “Leave it exactly the same”, “Don’t change a thing” and “Don’t tell anyone about this place” were typical of the responses they received. It only takes a quick glance around the place to understand why the regular patrons of 19 St James’s were so keen to retain the status quo.

For many years James J Fox have had a string of customers that reads like a “Who’s Who” for practically all areas of public life. Politicians, film and TV stars, musicians, authors and royalty can all be counted among past and present customers. There are countless fascinating items to be found in their museum (Oscar Wilde’s unpaid cigar bill, anyone?) and this all adds to the atmosphere that customers were keen to maintain.

Thankfully this has been done by creating a larger, more open and more comfortable space, while retaining all of the charm and personality of the original. After all you must tread carefully when dealing with what must be one of the most famous, most revered and also most loved cigar shops in the world.

Rob Fox added “We’re delighted that the lounge and new facilities have been so well received by our customers. Any change to a listed building requires so much more effort, but we’re so pleased with the outcome.”

Congratulations to all at James J Fox on a fine achievement and a world class cigar lounge. We leave the final words to Stuart Fox (Managing Director of JJ Fox International):

“Finally, after months of refurbishment work, we opened the doors to our lovely new cigar sampling lounge on Thursday 24th September! Thank you to all those that attended and for those that didn’t, we hope to see you in store very soon!”

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