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Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No2 Now Available in Tubes

Habanos S.A. has released the Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure Number 2 in a tubed format that is available in packs of three cigars.

The Epicure Number 2 has been a firm favourite within the UK market for many decades, where it’s light yet aromatic taste has made it popular with cigar smokers of all levels of experience.

It is responsible for 43% of all Hoyo de Monterrey sales and the third most popular Robustos sized Cuban cigar within the UK duty paid market. It remained unbanded right up until 2005 when a brand band was added and then in 2008 a second, ‘Epicure No2’ band was added. Now in 2010 as it joins the Hoyo Epicure Especial in a tube, the final stage of its dressing is complete.

Brand: Hoyo de Monterrey
Retail Name: Epicure Number 2
Factory Name: Robustos
Flavour Category: Light
Dimensions: 4 7/8” (124mm) x 50 ring gauge

Hoyo de Monterrey owes its origin to the town of San Juan y Martinez, which lies in at the heart of the world famous Vuelta Abajo tobacco growing region in Cuba. Here the Hoyo de Monterrey plantation, one of the great Vegas Finas de Primera, can be reached through a gate that bears the legend ‘Hoyo de Monterrey. José Gener. 1860’.

José Gener y Batet emigrated from Spain to Cuba in the 1840s and took his first step in the cigar industry as a farmer and went on to register the ‘Hoyo de Monterrey’ brand and open his own cigar factor in 1865. By the time of his death in 1900 his brands, including Hoyo de Monterrey were established around the world.

‘Hoyo’, in Spanish, literally means a ‘hole’ and in this case refers to the low-lying position of the plantation on the fertile banks of the San Juan y Martinez river. Fittingly, Monterrey is the name of the first farmer to cultivate tobacco on these precious acres.

The flavour of Hoyo de Monterrey’s blend makes it an attractive choice for those who seek a delicate yet aromatic Habano that is light in taste yet constructed with great elegance and character. The brand is classified as light within the scale of flavours available from Habanos.

Min Ron NEE, in his excellent book ‘An Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Post-Revolution Havana Cigars’ describes the taste as being ‘characterised by their soft, sweet style’ and goes on to say ‘The tobacco blend is creamy sweet, mild and aromatic.’

Now available in tubes, the Epicure Number 2 seems sure to remain a firm favourite among UK cigar smokers.

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