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Guantanamera Minutos – Now available in the UK

The Minutos is the latest cigar from the Guantanamera range to be introduced into the UK. The cigar measures 4 3/8” x 42 ring gauge and is presented pre-cut in a tube.

Made entirely with tobacco grown in the Vuelta Arriba region of Cuba and rolled in the ICT factory in Havana, the cigar joins the current UK Guantanamera range of Cristales (5 7/8” x 41), Compay (4 7/8” x 40) and Puritos (4 1/8” x 29).

Like the rest of the range, Guantanamera Minutos has a “Short Filler”. This means that the tobacco leaves destined to provide the blend and aroma of the cigar (filler leaves) are finely chopped before being held together by the binder leaf and dressed with the wrapper.

Guantanamera Minutos represent fantastic value for money at only £3.40 RRP.

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