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Ever wondered how a Culebra is made..?

For those of you who have seen the strange looking Culebras cigars on the shelves of your local cigar merchant or Specialist in Havanas and wondered what they were and how they were made, here’s your chance to see not one but three in the making..

This footage was filmed in the JJ Fox store in Dublin, Ireland last weekend and features Berta Corzo Thorp, the cigar roller from El Laguito, the home of Cohiba, currently touring the UK. For further information relating to her tour dates please see the events diary.

The Culebra, traditionally three Panetelas twisted together whilst the tobacco is still moist, has many differing theories regarding its origins, however the one that we like best is said to have originated from an attempt to solve the problem of missing stock, it was decided that all the Torcedors should be given a quota of tobacco to smoke for themselves. To differentiate from the stock they were rolling, the twisted shape was introduced and given exclusively to factory workers. The ‘Culebra’ term originates from the Spanish for ‘Snake’.

When the factories became a popular tourist destination, more and more requests were heard for the type of cigar that had been seen being smoked by the Torcedors on the Galera. This resulted in the Culebra being launched to the public by the Partagas brand.

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