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Enjoy a Mini break with the new Partagas…

Enjoy a Mini break with the new Partagas…

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Partagás has released a new blend of Minis, called the “Serie Mini”. This is a lighter, slightly softer blend than the original Partagas Minis that remain available in their distinct brown tins.

The black and red packaging of this new Mini is reminiscent of the long filler, handmade Partagás’s Alphabetical Series (such as the Serie D No.4 or the Serie P No.2), which was originally developed for the UK market and dates back to the 1930s.

The new Partagas Minis are 100% Cuban tobacco and machine made.  They are produced with the same exceptional tobacco is used to make the world famous hand rolled Havana cigars. This exceptional tobacco, only found within one of the four Vegas de Primeras (first class tobacco fields) of Cuba, provides a depth of flavour and a rich rewarding smoke, even with these small format cigars.

These cigars are available across the UK. To find your nearest stockist, please visit the “Where to buy” section of this site by clicking here.

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