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New 2014 EMS Stamp

New 2014 EMS Stamp

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Hunters & Frankau have issued the new English Market Selection (EMS) badge for 2014.

The EMS description has been used by Cuba for over a century. with many people contending that it originally reflected the reputation of the English market for accepting only the very finest cigars that Cuba had to offer. Others maintain it was used to distinguish cigars destined for England from those bound for the USA. At the time the English preference was for dark cigars while the American Market Selection (AMS) reflected a propensity for specially treated light green cigars (Candelas).

Either way, the EMS stamp, in its current form, was launched by Hunters & Frankau in 1993 as a way of marking out boxes that have passed the UK quality inspection and of assuring customers of the cigars quality and authenticity.

All boxes that carry this mark are guaranteed to have:

1. Come directly from Habanos S.A. in Cuba to Hunters & Frankau.

2. Been shipped and stored by experts. 3. Passed a UK quality check.

4. Paid all UK Duties.

5. The correct UK health warnings.

For further reading on EMS please click here.

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