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Dickens House Wine Emporium Cigar Tasting

A big thank you to all Cigar Smokers Club members who attended the cigar tasting event we held at our latest Specialist in Havanas, Dickens House Wine Emporium.

Jerry and Tony Howard recently achieved Silver Specialist status after completing all the requirements needed, including stocking at least 40 vitolas from a wide variety of brands.

All members of staff have been onto the Cigar School we run here which gives an in-depth knowledge of about cigars, brands, sizes and storage amongst other things.

To help celebrate this an event was organised to taste some of their finest aged cigars alongside carefully selected wines.

Armando Risoto was on hand to display his rolling skills with Daniel Pink and Simon Chase from H&F in attendance to explain about the cigar production process and how the cigars were matched to the wines on offer.

Tickets for these events do sell out quickly so if you are thinking of attending our next one, take a look at the events section to see when the next one is planned.

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