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Cuban Cigar Walk, London

When Nic Wing of Cities in Sound was researching an Audio Guide around London’s historic cigar stores, one of his first points of reference was an article; London’s Hallowed Havana Haunts, written by Simon Chase of Hunters and Frankau.

Since Simon wrote his original article, stores have relocated and mighty figures from the London Cigar scene like Desmond Sautter have retired, yet the history and traditions of the cigar trade in London are still strong and the new Audio Guide Nic has produced offers a most entertaining tour of Mayfair and St James.

The Cuban Cigar Walk London blends history, luxury and cigars with extracts from Churchill’s Cigar read by the author Stephen McGinty.
Starting at the Churchill and Roosevelt statue in Bond Street and winding its way through the streets and alleys the walk can be completed either outside the American Bar of the Stafford Hotel where cigar smokers are still made welcome, or at the Churchill Museum Cabinet War Rooms on Horse Guards Parade.

The walk can be completed in 90 minutes, however shopping, eating and smoking time naturally adds to this. A young American and his wife who came over to London to do the walk spread the walk over two days as they enjoyed it so much.

The Cuban Cigar Walk London is available to download from www.citiesinsound.com or if you don’t possess an iPod you can buy Walk Packs with pre-loaded MP3 players from Davidoff, JJ Fox in St James’s Street and Sautter of Mount Street.

Nic himself gives you on a brief look at how the tour works..

Cities in Sound organise regular group walks/herfs and it is also possible to put personalise events to include special features such as Pol Roger Champagne tastings, personal tours of the Cabinet War Rooms and dinner at some of London’s most exclusive clubs. Please contact Nic Wing for more details.
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