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Cuban Cigar Roller Welcomed to the UK

Cuban Cigar Roller Welcomed to the UK

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Hunters & Frankau has welcomed the first Cuban cigar roller of 2012 to the UK.

Señora  Dilia Hernandez arrived in the UK on Tuesday 8th May and is scheduled to attend various events and Habanos Specialists across Britain until her return to Cuba at the end of July.

Señora Hernandez began her career in the cigar industry 20 years ago and has achieved the highest grade of torcedor (cigar roller), within the Cuban industry structure, meaning she is capable of crafting any size or shape cigar within the Habanos S. A. portfolio.

More recently she has risen to the position of “Despalillo Chief” within the H. Upmann factory. It is within this part of the factory that wrapper leaves are stripped of their central vein and classified by their colour, size and quality before being passed on to the rollers. Naturally this position demands acute attention to detail, an in-depth knowledge of quality control requirements and a keen appreciation of the inherent qualities of Cuba tobacco.

For the opportunity to visit one of Dilia’s upcoming events, watch her roll genuine Cuban cigars and even have the chance to purchase one for yourself, please visit our Upcoming Event section and view her itinerary. There will be a second roller arriving shortly after Dilia’s tour ends.

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