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Cigar Factories of Cuba

The following two clips provide a rare glimpse inside two of Cuba’s most famous cigar factories, The H. Upmann factory and El Laguito.

During a recent trip to Havana Jimmy McGhee (H&F sales & marketing executive) was able to take some footage of the two factories. While the H. Upmann factory is open to the general public, it is a lot harder to gain access to the, previously top-secret, El Laguito. What we witness is is two vibrant factories working in a that has remained almost unchanged over several generations.

The first clip is taken from the H. Upmann factory, located in Havana city.

The next clip is from El Laguito and was taken just before the launch of the Cohiba Behike range. The footage here contains, among other things, a fascinating explanation about the Medio Tiempo leaves used in these cigars, given by the head of quality control, Berta Corzo Thorp.

While these two factories have different atmospheres and working environments, one thing remains consistent in both, and that is sense of pride in their work and, after smoking some of the cigars they are producing it is easy to see why.

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