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Yesterday I had a great fun being reintroduced to the world of cigar training with some of the team in the Hollingsworth group of specialist tobacconists.

Sean and I headed up to Birmingham in the morning to visit John Withers and conduct a session with twelve of his team. I have to say I was very impressed with their existing cigar knowledge, enthusiasm for the product and willingness get the most out of the training session. It certainly made the day a very enjoyable and positive one from my perspective. I remember how my staff used to come back from these training days invigorated, more confident and more passionate about selling Cuban cigars. I was always extremely keen to get my guys onto these courses for that reason and I only hope I can instil some of these qualities into the people I will be training in the months and years ahead.

Despite having conducted more than my fair share of training days during my years with JJ Fox I was keen to watch Sean run through a H&F session before I officially took up the reins. After all, when you are training experienced sales people you had better know exactly what you’re talking about or else you can be found out pretty quickly. Having said that, because I always retained an interest during my break from the cigar world, I have found it pretty easy to pick things up again and can not wait to begin booking in the sessions for next year. I’ve been thinking about different ways of setting the schedule up for next year, but at the moment nothing has been set in stone and I would welcome any suggestions or requests on this.

My enthusiasm was such that even the train delays that lead to a three and a half hour train journey home could not dampen my spirits.

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