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Armando Risoto begins his week at Havana House

Armando Risoto, the ‘Torcedor’ who is currently in the UK for three months, began his week of demonstrating the fine art of rolling cigars at Havana House in Windsor this morning.

Armando is from the Partagas factory in Havana, where he has been for 9 years now working his way up to Grade 9, which indicates he is able to make even the most complex of sizes.

Armando will be there from 10am each day until Saturday, where he will be able to make any cigar shape or size of your choice.

Havana House in situated at 52 Royal Windsor Station, just near the Central station. They have a walk-in humidor which is home to many brands and sizes of Cuban cigars. You can contact Paresh or John on 01753 833334.

Havana House
52 Royal Windsor Station

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