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Specialist in Havanas network is relaunched

The Specialist in Havanas network remains the cornerstone of the UK’s proud reputation as one of the best places in the world to purchase premium cigars. Since its launch in 1994, accredited shops have become the first port of call for cigar enthusiasts in search of their favourite Habano or the latest introduction from Cuba. Now in 2013, the network has received a facelift and upgrade with a new logo and a revised qualifying criteria to reflect the innovation of brands and products released from Cuba in recent years.

A shop that displays the new “Havana Cigar Specialist” signage has committed to stocking a wide variety of Habanos brands and sizes (a minimum range is set by H&F and Habanos s.a.) which includes Habanos Specialities and all boxes/packs will display the EMS stamp, the UK stamp of quality and authenticity for Havanas sold in the UK. Each shop  has invested in suitable display and storage units to keep the cigars in ideal smoking conditions and the staff have good product knowledge as they would have attended Hunters & Frankau’s Havana Cigar Academy.

Havana Cigar Specialists also enjoy stock priority from H&F and will be the first in the UK to receive new releases from Habanos s.a., as well as other benefits that are only reserved for qualifying outlets which makes a visit to one a must when searching for Cuba’s finest.  Some shops also qualify under legislation to be  able to offer sampling of cigars on their premises, a very rare pleasure indeed in today’s enforced environment of alfresco smoking.

The difference between a gold and silver Specialist is simply on the range stocked, with the former guaranteeing a wider choice of Habanos brands and vitolas. All the other conditions remain consistent between the two.

To find your nearest Havana Cigar Specialist, click here and look out for the Specialist signage when you’re next out shopping for your favourite stogie.

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