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2011 New Releases

Havana has once again welcomed over 1500 aficionados from more than 80 countries around the world to the annual Habanos Festival, the most important date in the cigar world calendar. During the opening ceremony Ana Lopez, director of Marketing for Habanos S.A., (and former Corporate Director at Hunters & Frankau) presented the new range of products to be unveiled in the course of the festival week. The intriguing list includes three additions to standard lines, three Limited Editions, two Regional Editions and a Gran Reserva from Montecristo that we can expect to arrive in the UK throughout 2011.

Before we begin looking at the 2011 releases, it is worth mentioning the two late arrivals from 2010. They are the Romeo Y Julieta – Julieta 33 x 5 ¼” (120mm) in tins of 5 and the UK Regional Edition La Flor de Cano – Short Robusto 50 x 4” (102mm) in boxes of 25 are now expected in April or May this year.


These cigars use the finest tobacco from the Vuelta Abajo region of Pinar del Rio that have been specially aged for five years.

Montecristo – No. 2, 52 ring gauge x 6 1/8” (156mm) in boxes of 15.

Vitola de Galera: Pirámides. This prestigious cigar, presented in Montecristo’s Iconic No. 2 format, has been produced using leaves from the 2005 harvest. 5000 numbered boxes have been produced for the global market, each containing 15 cigars.
Expected release date: October.


There will be three new vitolas added to the list of standard sizes for general release. They come from two of Cuba’s best known brands: Partagás and H. Upmann.

Partagás will see two new sizes of full flavoured, heavy gauge cigars introduced as an extension of the Alphabetical Series originally developed for the UK market during the 1930’s. These are:

Partagás – Serie E No. 2, 54 ring gauge x 5 ½” (140mm) in boxes of 25 & 5.

Vitola de Galera: Duke. As the vitola de galera suggests, this cigar is the exact same size as the 2009 Limited Edition Romeo Y Julieta of the same name.
Expected release date: June.

Partagás – Serie D No. 5, 50 ring gauge x 4 3/8” (110mm) in boxes of 25 & 10.

Vitola de Galera: D No. 5. This is the same format as the incredibly popular Limited Edition Partagás from 2008.

This cigar is scheduled for release in November.

There is also a welcome addition to the standard range of cigars offered by H. Upmann.

H. Upmann – Half Corona, 44 ring gauge x 3 ½” (90mm) in boxes of 25 & aluminium packages of 5.

Vitola de Galera: Half Corona.

Expected release date: Aluminium tins of 5 in July & Boxes of 25 in November.


The three Limited Editions for this year are due to arrive in the summer. Once again all the tobaccos for these releases have been specially aged in bales for a minimum of two years and the wrappers are selected for their darker colour.

Cohiba – Cohiba 1966, 52 ring gauge x 6 ½” (166mm) in boxes of 10.

Vitola de galera: Cañonazo Especial. This cigar has the same ring gauge as the classic Siglo VI with some additional length and a Trinidad style ‘pigtail’. It has been released in recognition of Cohiba’s 45th anniversary.

Expected time of release: Summer

Hoyo de Monterrey – Short Hoyo Pirámides, 46 ring gauge x 5 1/3” (135mm) in boxes of 10.

Vitola de Galera: Forum, like the Montecristo Open Regata.
Expected time of release: Summer

Ramon Allones – Allones Extra, 44 ring gauge x 5 5/8” (143mm) in boxes of 25.

Vitola de galera: Franciscos. This is the first time that Ramon Allones has been selected to produce a Limited Edition cigar.

Expected time of release: Summer


This year the Regional Edition band that denotes which region the cigars are exclusively available within is set to change. Where previously it read “Reino Unido” it shall now say “Gran Bretana”.

Bolivar – Britanicas, 46 ring gauge x 5 3/8” (137mm) in boxes of ten.

Vitola de Galera: Britanicas.

Expected time of release: Summer.

Punch – Medalla de Oro, 50 ring gauge x 6 1/8” (155mm) in boxes of 10.

Vitola de Galera: Doble.

Expected time of release: 2012


Also expected in the summer is a new line that will be sold only at Casas del Habano shops, which is good news for Teddington.

H. Upmann – Royal Robusto 52 x 5 1/3” (135mm) in boxes of 10.

Vitola de galera – Edmundo

Expected time of release: June

So there you have it, a wide selection of new Habanos sizes expected to arrive on these shores during 2011, not forgetting the two late arrivals from 2010. We will let you know when they are here.

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