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2009 UK Limited Edition Cigars now available..

We are pleased to announce that the UK Edicion Limitada releases are now available in your nearest Habanos specialist. Romeo y Julieta, Bolívar and H.Upmann are the brands selected by Habanos s.a. for its Edición Limitada 2009.

First appearing in 2000, Limited Edition cigars are produced in sizes that are not found in the standard range of the brand. The cigars are double banded with special Limited Edition bands which display the year of the cigars release.

The wrapper leaves used for Limited Edition are from the very top levels of the shade grown plant and are thick and full of oils. They naturally produce darker colours after curing and their thickness demands that they should be fermented longer, which further enriches the colour.

Also, they are aged in bales for at least two years before they can be used on these special cigars. From 2007, Limited Editions used filler and binder leaves that have also been aged for two years. Prior to this it was only the wrapper that had the extended ageing.

The first of the three cigars is the Romeo y Julieta ‘Duke’, pictured above, which is a short robusto measuring 5 1/2″ (140 mm) x 54 Ring Gauge, which will be available in labelled boxes with 10 cigars in one layer.

Secondly, we have the Bolívar Petit Belicosos which is a Petit Piramide measuring 5″ (125mm)x 52 Ring Gauge. This is the first time Bolivar has appeared as a Limited Edition.

One of the most full bodied Habanos that boasts an unrivalled richness of flavour that makes it one of the most sought-after brands amongst experienced smokers. Cigars will be packaged in labelled boxes containing 25 cigars.

Thirdly, H. Upmann is once again present with the release of the H.Upmann Magnum 48 measuring 4 3/8″ (110mm) x 48 Ring Gauge.

Always regarded as a light to medium-flavoured smoke, this cigar stands out for its smooth flavour and delicate aroma. Cigars will be presented in SLB boxes containing 25 in each box.

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