English Market Selection


EMS stands for English Market Selection, a description used in Cuba for over a century to identify the quality of cigars designated for the British market. It is the cornerstone of the UK’s long established reputation as the world centre for the finest Havana cigars.


UK Havana Cigar Portfolio



  • Flavour: Light to Medium
  • Vitola: Deliciosos
  • Ring gauge: 33
  • Length: 6 ¼ Inches / 159mm
  • Although cigars of this shape are now often overlooked in favour of something wider, anyone picking up a Montecarlos will discover an elegant and chic, light to medium bodied smoke full of subtlety and nuance. For the discriminating smoker.
Petit Corona

Petit Corona

  • Flavour: Light to Medium
  • Vitola: Mareva
  • Ring gauge: 42
  • Length: 5 ⅛ Inches / 129mm
  • For many years the standard bearer for Por Larrañaga’s regular range in the UK. It carries the brand’s traditional colours well with its creamy, light to medium flavour.


  • Flavour: Light to Medium
  • Vitola: Hermoso No.4
  • Ring gauge: 48
  • Length: 5 Inches / 127mm
  • This 2014 release is only available from La Casa del Habanos and Havana Cigar Specialists. However, its light to medium blend with distinctive floral and zesty notes makes it well worth seeking out. Ideal after lunch with a cold glass of Chardonnay.


  • Flavour: Light to Medium
  • Vitola: Galanes
  • Ring gauge: 52
  • Length: 4 ¾ Inches / 120mm
  • This 2021 release has the largest ring gauge of any Por Larrañaga in its standard portfolio. It provides a delicious new way to experience the honeyed Light to Medium bodied blend that has been enjoyed for well over 150 years by Havana cigar smokers. A modern size with a timeless blend.
Read About Por Larrañaga

Por Larrañaga is a brand with a long history. Founded in 1834 it enjoys a well-earned reputation for its consistency and good presentation.

All the filler and binder tobaccos in Por Larrañaga come from the Vuelta Abajo zone.

Globally the range includes cigars made using both the ‘tripa larga, totalmente a mano’ – long filler, totally hand made technique, and the ‘tripa corta, totalmente a mano’ – short filler, totally handmade method, but in the UK only the former is offered.

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