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EMS stands for English Market Selection, a description used in Cuba for over a century to identify the quality of cigars designated for the British market. It is the cornerstone of the UK’s long established reputation as the world centre for the finest Havana cigars.


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Read About Gran Reservas

The term Gran Reserva only applies to Havanas that have had the fillers, binders and wrappers aged for five years in bales before being rolled.

These cigars are only produced by the Global Brands and use some of the most iconic vitolas within the range.

Each edition is made available in 5000 numbered lacquered boxes of 15 cigars, 75,000 cigars are made for each release.

Each cigar  bears a second “Gran Reserva” band on it and its box includes a leaflet describing the date of the “cosecha” (harvest), from which all of the leaves used have been taken.

A new Gran Reserva has been announced by Habanos S.A biennially ever since the first release in 2009.

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