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Pipe Shop

Pipe Shop

Pipe Shop
14 Market Place
BA11 1AB

The Pipe Shop is a tobacconist based in the heart of Somerset, in the idyllic town of Frome.

They pride themselves on customer service, and have been based in Frome as a specialist tobacconist for over 30 years.

They stock a large number of pipes, tobacco, cigars, Zippo lighters, Honest lighters, and tobacco related products.

The cigar range includes both hand made and machine made cigars. They also stock Cuban, HonDurhamas, Nicaraguan, and Dominican hand made cigars, as well as British, European, and American machine made cigars.

Furthermore, they stock a large range of loose pipe tobaccos, as well as a large range of hand rolling tobaccos, including flavoured tobaccos and additive free tobaccos. As well as all of this they also stock electronic cigarettes, including E-Lite and Mascotte, cigarette cases, tobacco pouches, filter tips, Hookah pipes, grinders, cigar and cigarette cases, shaving accessories and Victorinox knives.